Dior Self-tanning jelly body 50ml

Dior Self-tanning jelly body 50ml

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Dior Self Tanning Jelly Gradual Glow beautifies the skin with a luminous sun kissed veil for a natural and even tan. Thanks to the sweet almond oil, the skin feels nourished and cocooned in a glowing tan. Its ultra fresh, translucent texture, designed not to transfer onto clothing, glides easily onto the skin, moisturising it and delivering a satin, radiant finish and a sun kissed tan that gradually intensifies.BENEFITSAfter 4 weeks of use*:An ultra natural glowLuminous tan: 85% agreeNaturally golden tan: 80% agreeAPPLICATION TIPSBefore the 1st application, exfoliate the skin well and then moisturise.Apply using broad, circular movements, like a body massage, to evenly spread all of the self tanning jelly. Use a lighter touch on elbows and knees. Wash hands after use.For a more intense tan, re apply after three hours. Use two to three times a week to maintain your tan.