Dead or Alive 6 PS4

Dead or Alive 6 PS4

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No matter if youre a pro that fought your way through the series, or an enthusiast thats just starting now, Dead or Alive 6 from Sony is set to be an intense gaming experience. Kasumi may have retired herself to a secluded mountain village, but destiny has other plans so prepare yourself for incredible destinations and intense combat scenes as you help fight the most recent menace to the DOASEC universe. There are new character personalisation and stages, too. Sony PS4 gameTriangle SystemEvery fight in DEAD OR ALIVE 6 is based on an impressive triangle system. To make it simple, a strike beats throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes. If you can master these, you can inflict more damage to your enemies. As you land an attack of one type that beats another, it becomes a Hi Counter attack resulting in more damage!Break Gauge SystemFor the first time in the series, there is a new unique attack meter. You can use this to be strategic and introduce your own tactics to win. With Break Blow and Break Hold, you will become unstoppable and beat your enemies.DOA CentralGet even more control of your characters with DOA Central. Choose your favourite characters and customise them before joining a fight!New StagesFrom the eerie hallways leading to the M.I.S.T research facility to a new wrestling ring, there are even more stages in DEAD OR ALIVE 6 to choose.New CharactersThere are new and familiar characters in this new fighting game. Each character has their own fighting style and story behind them for you to discover. Learn their personal data and choose the perfect character for you.