Dark chocolate hamper

Dark chocolate hamper

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As if a single Melt chocolate bar wasnt treat enough, the Dark chocolate hamper is packed (some might say, chock full) with the London brands most devoured delights. After trialling and testing, each one is lovingly crafted in its charming Holland Park kitchens. Take your pick from hot chocolate, bars and stir in bites, with flavours including sea salt and single origin dark chocolate from Bolivia, Ecuador and the Solomon Islands. Melt dark chocolate hamperIngredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa solids min 66%, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, soya lecithin), double cream, brown sugar, caster sugar, glucose, milk, salted butter, sea salt, vanilla, cocoa powderContains 10 productsAllergens: Peanuts, Nuts, Gluten, DairyPrepared in kitchen using nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, eggs, dairy, soya, gluten