Cognac Camus Dark and Intense 700ml

Cognac Camus Dark and Intense 700ml

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Starting with a simple idea in mind to create a bold and intense expression of Extra Cyril Camus asked the Cellar Master Patrick Lger to select the best barrels of Extra Cognac to follow a special ageing process. The chosen barrels are emptied of their precious Cognac and returned to the Master Cooper to be opened and toasted again, one by one, to boost their full aromatic potential. This re toasting process is tailor made, barrel by barrel. The Extra Cognac is then returned to these casks for a special finishing phase that has been named Dark & Intense. Gradually, the structure of the eaux de vie and the enhanced flavors of the cask merge together harmoniously.Camus Dark and Intense CognacABV 40%700mlPlease note that you must be aged 18 or over to purchase this item