Clutch GM50 Serious Gaming Mouse

Clutch GM50 Serious Gaming Mouse

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About this product

If anybody gets gaming, it's MSI. It makes gaming computers, gaming keyboards and most crucially for this discussion gaming mouses. The company just knows how to enhance those critical in game moments. The Clutch GM50 Serious Gaming mouse has an ergonomic design and high DPI setting that's perfect for 4K displays. Perfect for rapid movements and clicks thanks to lightweight design and highly durable gaming switches rated for 20 million clicks.Crafted with a right handed ergonomic and lightweight design to provide gamers the most comfortable experience ever. Join the epic battle with Clutch GM50 and become your enemys worst nightmare.Choose millions of colors and 9 different effects directly or use MSIs exclusive software Gaming Center to bring lots of fun.Inspired by drift racing, MSI implements the shadow taillight into GM50s effect with 3 levels of speed.4K Gaming truly elevates the visual experience to new heights, however in certain situations you will feel the benefit from being able to select a high DPI setting like the CLUTCH GM50s 7.2K DPI.