Chilli Cricket Protein Bundle
Bug Farm

Chilli Cricket Protein Bundle

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About this product

Award winning chef of 25 years Andy Holcroft and entomologist Dr Sarah Beynon are the duo behind Bug Farm Foods an innovative range of healthy and environmentally friendly insect based foods and ingredients for you to create your meals. Yes, your meal prep just got a whole lot more sustainable. The Chilli Cricket Protein Bundle is produced in the Netherlands, and comprises of ingredients that are high in fibre. And if that wasnt enough, they come in biodegradable packaging.Bug Farm Foods Chilli Cricket Protein BundleIngredientsCookiesSalted butter (milk), wheat flour, sugar,chocolate drops (cocoa mass, sugar, dextrose,emulsifier: soya lecithin) (17%), free range egg yolk, cricket(Acheta domesticus) powder (10%), vanilla essenceInsect (cricket Acheta domesticus)powder (100%).Insect (cricket Acheta domesticus)(100%)Allergen InformationFor allergens, please see ingredients in boldNutritional InformationPortion Size 100 gEnergy kJ 2683 per 100g / 2683 Per PortionEnergy kcal 642 per 100g / 642 Per PortionFat (g) 39.7 per 100g / 39.7 Per PortionFat of which Saturated (g) 23.5 per 100g / 23.5 Per PortionCarbohydrates (g) 58.3 per 100g / 58.3 Per PortionCarbohydrates of which Sugars (g) 33 per 100g / 33.0 Per PortionFibre (g) 0 per 100gProtein (g) 12.7 per 100g / 12.7 Per PortionSalt (g) 0.76 per 100g / 0.76 Per PortionStorage InformationStore in a cool, dry placeCountry of OriginUnited Kingdom