Cefiro hand treatment cream 75ml

Cefiro hand treatment cream 75ml

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Unfortunately the fountain of youth doesnt exist (as far as we know), so Floris has the next best thing. At the heart of the Cefiro hand cream are vitamins and natural oils, helping to prevent the degradation of skin cells with its anti aging properties. Scented with citrus fruits, bergamot and spiced with nutmeg, it moisturises the skin to keep it hydrated and soft. Sweet almond, jojoba oil and aloe vera are added to the mix to soothe and condition your skin. Sounds pretty soft to us. Floris Cefiro hand treatment creamContains: lemon, lime, bergamot, mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg, jasmine, vitamin E, babassu oil, sweet almond, jojoba oil, aloe veraHow to use: Apply a pea sized amount to back of your hands and then gently press your hands together and rub in the lotionFree from parabens, suitable for vegans75ml