Capture Totale DreamSkin 1-Minute Mask 75ml

Capture Totale DreamSkin 1-Minute Mask 75ml

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About this product

A true revolution, Dior's DreamSkin 1 Minute Mask caters to the busy nature of modern lives: the first skin perfecting peeling mask, it's able to reset the skin in just 60 seconds. Refreshing and renewing, it uses advanced exfoliators and flower acids to optimise the effect and create a feeling close to new skin. Hand picked Longoza and Opilia extract from Burkina Faso show the dedication the brand has put into this product.Dior Capture Totale DreamSkin 1 Minute MaskRecommended for all skin typesHow to apply: Massage onto clean skin until a white foam is produced, then rinse with water. Use 1 2 times per week before your normal skincare routine75ml