Breakout Powder 2 x 1.95g
Dr Sebagh

Breakout Powder 2 x 1.95g

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About this product

Dr Sebaghs Breakout Powder for oily and acne prone skin helps to combat clogged pores and the overproduction of oil. Soothing calamine has a naturally antiseptic and astringent effect, immediately helping to calm irritated skin. Meanwhile, 10 Hydroxydecanoic Acid (10 HDA) and sebacic acid inhibit the multiplication of bacteria and re establish the balance in acne prone complexions. Zinc Ferment boosts cellular renewal.Dr Sebagh Breakout PowderApplication: Cleanse your skin thoroughly with Breakout cleanser Am & Pm. Mix in the palm of your hand equal amounts of the Antibacterial Powder and the Breakout Cream or Crme Vital and apply concentrating on the oily T zone and directly onto spots. Once or twice a week use Deep Exfoliating Mask with Azelaic Acid to counteract the abnormal keratinisation and inflammation for 5 10 minutes followed by the antibacterial powder and cream2 x 1.95g