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Skip the waiting list and the queue for The Light Salon by enjoying one of its treatments at home. How?, we hear you cry. Its down to the BOOST LED mask. Harnessing the power of Red and Near Infrared light, not Blue light, it works to reduce wrinkles, boost hydration and increase your skins firmness. Crafted from flexible silicon, it adapts to any face shape. Plus, its fitted with global adaptors, so its always ready, no matter where you are in the world.The Light Salon BOOST LED maskBenefits: RED stimulates collagen, encourages healing, calms redness and evens skin tone. NEAR INFRARED is the most powerful of the rejuvenate wavelengths, penetrating deeper than any product can reach. Near infrared boosts circulation, improving the removal of toxins, delivering oxygen and nourishing the skin, whilst working in combination with red light to enhance the production of collagen and elastin.Contains: global adaptors, silicon face mask, controller, protective bag, instruction manual Application: cleanse skin, remove using the supplied touch cloth and pat dry, place mask in position (long strap: top of head, short strap: back of head), attach controller, activate controller, wear mask for 10 minutes, remove maskAs with all light products, the Boost LED Mask is not recommended for those with a known genetic predisposition to light, genetic conditions of the eye or who are taking medications that increase sensitivity to light