Bijou Romantique eau de parfum 100ml
Etat Libre D'Orange

Bijou Romantique eau de parfum 100ml

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About this product

Bored with the simple and sterile perfume world he found himself in, Etienne de Swardt started a fragrance revolution when he set up his own house, Etat Libre DOrange. A parfum portrait of a lady, the Bijou Romantique scent has a soft, delicate profile where fresh bergamot marries with floral ylang ylang, sweet vanilla and coconut. Theres a fire inside of her; notes of Haitian vetiver and sage fill the scent, topped up with patchouli and creamy benzoin. Etat Libre DOrange eau de parfumScent: Bijou RomantiqueNotes: Bergamot, Italian lemon, pink berries essence, iris of Tuscany, ylang ylang, clary sage, coconut JE, Haitian vetiver, benzoin, vanilla, patchouli100ml