Amour santal indes edp 100ml

Amour santal indes edp 100ml

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Part of the Perfumers Workshop group, a perfumer collective that has been pioneering with world of fragrance since 1970, Amour Oud is a collection of olfactory memories, stories, real and imaginary transcribed with notes of flowers, woods, roots and herbs. Santal Des Indes opens with woody musky Vetiver from the dark, rich soil. Morrocan leather and Turkish rose add a depth and sweetness to the composition. Amour Oud Santal Des Indes eau de parfumTop Notes: Absinthe, fresh incense accordMiddle Notes: Curry leaf, Chinese cedarwood, narcissus absolute, Turkish rose absoluteBase Notes: Mysore sandalwood, Moroccan leather, musk, vetiver100ml