Amethyst water bottle 530ml
Psychic Sisters

Amethyst water bottle 530ml

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About this product

Who wouldnt want some spiritual healing every time they take a sip of water? The Psychic Sisters provide it with this glass bottle, as it plays host to a dazzling shard of Amethyst in the centre. This stone holds the ability to stimulate the mind and enhance creativity. It promotes balance when you need it most, cleansing of negative, unwanted thoughts. Just what you need on the way to work, whether to ward off grumpy commuters or queues of traffic. Psychic Sisters Amethyst water bottleNatural quartz, glass, & stainless steelHeight 24.7cm, diameter 7cmHand wash components, glass bottle is dishwasher safe Directions: fill your bottle with water, leave it for approximately ten minutes and then enjoy your refreshing gemstone charged drinking water530ml