AeroBull Nano Speaker

AeroBull Nano Speaker

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About this product

Tailored as a fashion accessory, JARRE TECHNOLOGIES bold signature sound now fits in the palm of your hand. Standing at a tiny nine centimeters high, the AeroBull Nano easily connects to any smartphone, computer, or audio source with Bluetooth 4.0 or 3.5mm line in adaptor it is the ultimate nomadic speaker.Housing an incredible amplifier delivering 10 watts of power through 2 front drivers and a woofer for a resonating acoustic clarity, the AeroBull Nano carries a rechargeable battery boasting up to 8 hours (average) of continuous autonomous playtime.Always carry the AeroBull Nano, and whenever you decide to enjoy a new nomadic musical experience, switch it on High definition soundUnique, innovative, outstanding designCompatible with any smartphone or tablet from every generation (Bluetooth)Compatible with CD player or any other audio source through Line in 3.5Rechargeable battery 6 to 8 hours of autonomy (depending on volume and audio content)2 years warranty (extendable upon registration of your product)