18S Sunset Beats Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

18S Sunset Beats Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

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Create endless eye looks with this expert eyeshadow palette from beauty powerhouse, Morphe. Featuring shades 18 complementary shades that vary in texture, from matte to shimmering, each hue boasts a blendable, pigmented finish that can be used to either highlight, blend or transition (without ever having a repeat moment). Go light and natural in the day before adding shade and depth come the golden hour.Morphe 18S Sunset Beats Artistry PaletteIncludes 18 shades in matte and shimmer finishesShades: Row 1: Moonrise (white gold shimmer), Spectacle (yellow gold shimmer), Awe Light (matte mustard), Sunburst (yellow glitter), Sun Daze (matte turmeric), Orange Sky (matte pumpkin), Row 2:Daybreak (matte cream coffee), Solar Flare (matte hot peach with sparkle), Beach Scene (matte terra cotta), Golden Hour (true gold shimmer), Sunset View (matte ginger spice), Bronze Moment (shimmering bronze), Row 3: Copper Vision (rich copper shimmer), Landscape (matte hazelnut), Maroon Island (matte plum), Pic Perfect (shimmering amethyst), Scarlet Blaze (matte mulberry with sparkle), After Dusk (matte mahogany with sparkle)20.6g