Stayhold Super Pack

Stayhold Super Pack

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Stayhold Super Pack Stop bags, boxes, bottles and more from sliding around in your car boot with Stayhold, a simple but effective solution for transporting loose items. The Stayhold Super Pack includes two Sizes of Stayholds, one large Classic and two smaller Minis, together with two sets of differering retaining straps to secure items further. Both the Classic and Mini can hold even the most awkwardly shaped items in place. Simply place the Stayhold next to your loose items and press it down for a super-strong hold; then simply pull it off when you need to move it. You also get two utility straps and two stretchy quickstraps which you can use to secure bottles, jars, paint cans and so much more. 1 x Large Classic 2 x Small Mini 2 x Quick Straps (pair of elasticated straps) 2 x Utility Straps (pair of long buckle straps) Classic holds up to 150kgs in place Mini holds up to 45kg in place Fits 97% of UK passenger cars