Fornetto Alto Wood Fired Oven

Fornetto Alto Wood Fired Oven

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Take all the convenience of oven cooking, and put it outdoors with this Fornetoo wood oven. Built from durable double-skin stainless steel, this oven retains heat and moisture throughout cooking, making it incredibly fuel efficient and longlasting. This oven is also multifunctional. Featuring both a traditional wood-fired oven and a smoker, this spacious barbecue is a great way to cook a lot of food, from pizza to slow-cooked pork., Plus, there's a convenient pull-out side shelf and storage rack for a little extra space when cooking. Oven Features and Benefits Pizza Stone - Cook your favourite pizza to restaurant standard on this wood-fired oven. Fuel efficient - Built from high-quality materials, this oven boasts high-efficiency cooking. Just like an oven - Anything you can cook in your kitchen oven, you can great Italian-style cooking on the Fornetto. Transportable - Position this oven anywhere in your garden with its smooth wheels. Specifications Wood fired oven Smoker box Storage box Built-in warming drawer and side shelf Cool touch controls Cast iron doors Double skin stainless steel Colour: Red Suitable for outdoor use Dimensions: H194 x W115 x D65cm Stay Fire Safe: Please follow local fire safety guidance and never leave a BBQ unattended. Always read and follow the instruction manual. Never BBQ indoors. BBQs should be used on a flat surface, in well ventilated spaces and away from anything flammable such as sheds, trees and bushes. Keep away from children and pets. Be careful when moving as BBQs can remain hot for several hours.