Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3mm Fullsuit Women's Wetsuit - Black

Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3mm Fullsuit Women's Wetsuit - Black

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Made to get you into the surf when no one else isin cold conditionsthe Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3mm Fullsuit Wetsuit helps keep you warm and focused on the horizon. Updated details include lighter, less-absorbent kneepads and a more streamlined silhouette. In Fast, Out Easily Watertight and contoured to your shape, the chest zip is open at both ends to stretch with the suit and help prevent breakage. An innovative toggle fastener lets you secure the chest opening with one hand, so you can cinch and go. Zero Chill Insulated hollow-fibre fleece helps traps heat while Smoothskin in the panelling reduces wind chill and retains 0% water. Lightweight kneepads feature a jersey construction to retain less water, keeping the suit lightweight when in use. Made to Move The seams are strategically positioned away from the underarms, shoulder blades and inner leg to allow flexibility. Exoflex neoprene fabric is lightweight and incredibly stretchy for freedom to move all session long.