Thinking of You Rose Bush

Thinking of You Rose Bush

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This classic rose variety will grow into flowers of a delicate shade of cream, an excellent gift to suit any occasion and will provide 'sweet memories' for years to come. Colours may vary throughout the season.,Care- Water well, especially in hot weather. Plants in containers should not be kept too wet in winter. Feeding- feed with a plant food recommended for roses in spring and mid-summer, avoiding the middle of the day in warm weather. Well-rotted compost or manure can also be spread on the soil in autumn. Deadheading- Remove faded and dying flowers regularly to keep the plant tidy and encourage further blooms. Pruning- Prune in early spring, removing dead, dying, crossed or spindly stems and cutting back the remainder to a height of about 20-30cm using sharp secateurs to give a clean cut. Important- Please be careful of rose thorns.,Product information: 1 x Patio Rose - Sweet Memories,Item details: Dimensions:Total plant height 40cm , Sent with a personal message