Postal Bulbs: Happy Bees - RHS Pollinators

Postal Bulbs: Happy Bees - RHS Pollinators

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Plan ahead with this stunning collection of bee friendly bulbs, which will brighten up any spring garden. Simply plant the dry bulbs in autumn and allow for them to flower in spring. A colourful mix of spring/early summer owering bulbs which have been specially selected to help attract pollinating insects into your garden - essential for plants to reproduce and for cropping of vegetables and fruit. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season. ,In Borders - Bulbs look at their best when planted in groups. Firm the soil gently; do not tread on the soil. In Containers - Use a multi-purpose compost, ideally with some grit added to help drainage. Keep the compost just damp, then water regularly once shoots emerge. Good To Know - Bulbs planted in the garden can be left to ower again in subsequent years. Leave the foliage to die back after owering. Bulbs in containers can also be left to ower again, or replanted into the garden. If left sitting in wet conditions they will tend to rot. ,Product information: 15 x Bulbs - Allium Moly ,15 x Bulbs - Muscari Armenium ,15 x Bulbs - Crocus Yellow ,15 x Bulbs - Allium Sphaerocephalon ,15 x Bulbs - Allium Siculum ,15 x Bulbs - Crocus Giant Ruby ,15 x Bulbs - Crocus King of Striped ,Item details: Packaging Detail:1 x White Satin Wrapn1 x Clear Cellophanen1 x Base Cellophanen1 x Ribbonn1 x Postal Boxn1 x Gift Card n1 x Document Wallet, Sent with a personal message