Poinsettia Trio (Delivery from 11th November 2020)

Poinsettia Trio (Delivery from 11th November 2020)

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A classic Christmas trio of rich red poinsettia plants are presented in stunning glass containers. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season.,Position- Stand the plants indoors in a position which gets plenty of natural light. A temperature of between 16 and 21C (60-70F) is ideal. Avoid draughts or exposure to excessively warm or cold temperatures, such as above a radiator or behind closed curtains at night. Care- The compost should be kept moist. Do not allow it to dry out completely, but equally do not allow the plant to become waterlogged. Where possible, water over a sink and allow any excess water to drain out. Avoid using very cold water. Remove any dying or damaged leaves as you see them. Poinsettias are designed to provide colour for a few weeks and, with ideal conditions, a little longer. With patience and care it is possible to get your Poinsettia to reflower the following year.,Product information: 3 x Poinsettia,Item details: Dimensions:Total plant height- 35cm, Sent with a personal message