Large White Christmas Basket (Delivery from 11th November 2020)

Large White Christmas Basket (Delivery from 11th November 2020)

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Serene white plantings, in a contemporary oval basket. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season. ,Position- Stand the planter indoors in a bright position, eg on (or near) a windowsill. A temperature of between 15 and 21C (60-70F) is ideal. Avoid draughts or exposure to excessively warm or cold temperatures, such as above a radiator or behind closed curtains at night. Care- The compost should never be allowed to dry out completely, but equally do not allow the planter to become waterlogged. Adding some plant food to the water every 10 days or so will help prolong flowering. Remove any dying or damaged flowers or leaves as you see them. After flowering, any healthy plants can be replanted if desired into individual pots to prolong their life.,Product information: 1 x Rose,1 x Cyclamen,1 x Spathy,1 x Muhlenbeckia,1 x Fittonia,Item details: Dimensions:Total plant height- 45cm, Sent with a personal message