Festive White Outdoor Planter (Delivery from 11th November 2020)

Festive White Outdoor Planter (Delivery from 11th November 2020)

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A festive planter bursting with contemporary white and green plantings, a lovely addition to any outdoor area this Christmas period. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season.,Position- Stand the planter outdoors in a sunny or lightly-shaded position, such as on a patio, near a wall, or under an open porch. Shelter from strong or cold winds, very heavy rain and frosts. In winter it is best moved into a more protected position, such as a greenhouse, cool conservatory or porch. Care- The compost should never be allowed to dry out completely, but equally do not allow the planter to become waterlogged. Raising the planter above the ground slightly will help it to drain freely.,Product information: 1 x Picea,1 x Skimmia,1 x Cyclamen,1 x Prim,1 x Hyacinth,Item details: Dimensions:Total plant height- 40cm, Sent with a personal message