Devon Duvets Little Lana Natural Wool Duvet and Pillow Set
Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets Little Lana Natural Wool Duvet and Pillow Set

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Duvet: only suitable from 12 months upwards. Pillow: not recommended for children under 2 years Handcrafted in England using 100% British platinum grade wool, the natural filling of this bedding set is cleaned in British mills, but never bleached or treated with chemicals. This means the wool retains its beautifully soft and airy appeal - perfect for your little one. To complement this luxurious filling, the 100% cotton casing features a 260 thread count that's smooth and sumptuous to the touch. An inherently breathable material, wool aids temperature regulation, wicking away moisture lost during sleep to maintain a cool and comfortable environment for rest. Natural wool is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant making it a wonderful material to support your child's delicate and developing body. It can help to reduce the symptoms of asthma or allergies that are often aggravated by dust mites, while its naturally fire retardant properties will give you total peace of mind. A lightweight option is perfect for your child's first duvet. This design is made using 300g of wool per square metre, the maximum recommended for young children to support their developing temperature controlling mechanism. Ideal for growing kids, the pillow in this set is height adjustable to ensure their requirements are met throughout childhood. A zip on the side allows you to access the wool filling and remove or adjust to suit their needs. We recommend that you place the pillow zip side into pillowcase so that your child cannot access the wool filling. Please note: This is a natural product, which will therefore always have a slight odour. This can be reduced by airing the product out for at least 48 hours prior to use. New products will have a stronger odour due to it being inside packaging for a period of time, but will gradually decrease over a few days. Find out more about our animal welfare policy . Have you thought about duvet covers? Shop here .