Bose QuietControl Noise Cancelling QC30 Bluetooth/NFC Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote, Black

Bose QuietControl Noise Cancelling QC30 Bluetooth/NFC Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote, Black

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About this product

The Bose QC30s take in-ear noise cancelling headphones to the next level. Delivering the excellent sound quality Bose are renowned for, they allow you to set the level of noise cancellation to your liking, to adapt to your environment. Wirelessly connecting via Bluetooth or NFC, they get rid of cable clutter, and a lightweight ergonomic design and 10 hour battery life ensure they'll keep you connected to your music, in comfort, and in quiet control, all-day long. Noise Cancelling You Control Noise is constant, and ever-changing. Sometimes you want to shut it out and immerse yourself in your favourite tunes, sometimes you want to keep listening but stay aware of important external sound. The QC30s give you flexibility of noise cancelling level, with a simple two-button control. Shut out noisy distractions on your commute, or stay up to date with important announcements at the airport, all while accompanied by your music. A precise arrangement of microphones inside and outside the earbuds continuously monitors and reacts to ambient sound. StayHear+ QC ear tips keep the headphones securely in place, and form a gentle seal for added passive noise reduction. An optional free app even lets you control the noise cancellation levels direct from your phone. Superb Sound Quality...Wirelessly The QC30s offer premium quality Bose sound, without the wires. Volume-optimised EQ ensures an appropriately balanced frequency pattern, however loud or quiet you choose to listen, so your music always sounds supreme. And Bluetooth and NFC pairing make wireless connection quick and easy with your smart device. Ergonomically Elegant Designed with all-day comfort in mind, the QC30s feature a lightweight neckband that conforms to your body. Ergonomically designed and made of soft materials, it's perfect for even the longest listening session. All-Day Power Charging via a micro-USB port in the neckband, the QC30s keep going for up to 10 hours. They only take up to 2 hours to fully recharge, or if the battery is running low, just 15 minutes will give you around an hour of power. Inline Controls The inline mic/remote gives you full control over your track playback, and allows you to take wireless hands-free phone calls on the go with ease.