Airwrap Four-Sided Baby Cot Bumper, White

Airwrap Four-Sided Baby Cot Bumper, White

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About this product

The innovative four-sided baby cot bumper from Airwrap features specially designed padding that protects baby against bumps and knocks. Designed to fit most cots and cribs securely, the bumper is adjustable with mattress settings. It can be squashed down when stood on and can spring back to shape straight away. The bumper restricts arms and legs from getting between cot or crib slats, providing a higher level of protection against limbs getting between cot bars. It can also be breathed through and allows maximum airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. The four-sided system is designed to fit most cots with easy-fit grip tape and is height-adjustable, enabling it to sit below the mattress level. This product includes 2 pieces: 1 x long piece for the 3 fixed sides (H27 x L325cm) 1 x shorter piece for the drop side.