PFT100 Functional Trainer (2 x 160lbs)

PFT100 Functional Trainer (2 x 160lbs)

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About this product

Designed to provide extraordinary performance; the PFT100 offers vertically adjustable pulleys that swivel smoothly through a 180-degree range of motion for unmatched versatility. The no-cable change design allows you to go from exercise to exercise quickly; easily moving the pulleys up and down through 20 different starting positions. Two adjustable nylon cable handles are also included with the unit allowing you instant access to a number of exercises including low and high cable crossovers; bicep curls; tricep pressdown; tricep extension; glute kickback; rows; delt raises; trunk twists and more! The Powerline Functional Trainer also features a knurled chinning bar for perfect chin-ups; pull-ups; leg raises and more as well as integrated accessory bar storage.