Tom Ford Beau De Jour All Over Body Spray 150Ml

Tom Ford Beau De Jour All Over Body Spray 150Ml

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LIGHT. INVIGORATING. COOLING. Invigorating All Over Body Spray Is Lightly Scented With Beau De Jour, Adding A New Dimension And Refreshingly Cool Way To Wear Tom Ford Scent. Layer Over Your Beau De Jour Eau De Parfum Or Wear It On Its Own. With Specially Designed 360 Spray Technology, All Over Body Spray Can Be Ergonomically Sprayed Sideways, Upside Down And Any Which Way On Neck, Arms, Legs And Torso. Formulated For A Concentration Perfect For All Over The Body. The maverick artisanal scent features earthy and woody notes with citrus. Classic. Sharp. Maverick…Beau de Jour presents the perfectly groomed gentleman who considers every detail. He exhibits the best version of himself to the world, but beneath the surface is something deeper, refreshing and sublime in all its layers. - TOM FORD