The Sage Lifestyle Peridot Perfume Oil Roll-On 3.7ml
The Sage Lifestyle

The Sage Lifestyle Peridot Perfume Oil Roll-On 3.7ml

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The Sage Lifestyle Peridot Perfume Oil roll-on bottle is in a handmade Japanese Washi paper box, the perfect travel perfume. Peridot: This exotic, sexy Fig fragrance starts with a classic, grassy fig note set like a jewel amongst notes of warmth and depth. The slightest hint of sparkling Blood Orange plays off the fruity qualities of the fig, and draws deeper into the richness of the base note accord on which this fragrance lives. Deep Ambers mingle with variety of Fresh Musk notes to create a scent that wears close to the body, becoming part of you. A subtle touch of Oak Moss and Essential Vanilla anchor Peridot to the skin, and to the memory of the one who wears it. The Sage Lifestyle perfume oils are handcrafted in Southern California using the finest quality natural essential oils, as well as fragrance oils. The perfume oils are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten and nut free, and also don't contain alcohol, phthalates, parabens or water.