skyn ICELAND the ANTIDOTE Daily Cooling Lotion 52ml
Skyn Iceland

skyn ICELAND the ANTIDOTE Daily Cooling Lotion 52ml

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About this product

This skyn ICELAND's the ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion is a lightweight hydrating tonic for chronically stressed skin. It goes on with a cooling burst to decongest, detoxify and stabilise moisture levels in the skin and returns it to its natural, fresh and healthy state. Pure, natural ingredients provide highly effective hydration and work over time to fortify and protect skin from the ravages of time and stress. Benefits and key ingredients: - Mint Derivatives: provide a cooling sensation, help improve microcirculation and reduce redness in skin. - White Willow Bark: soothes irritation, helps provide antibacterial protection and is a natural, skin-soothing analgesic. - Meadowsweet Extract: controls oiliness, tightens pores and clears skin. - Delivers moisture without feeling greasy or heavy. - Keeps pores clean and helps prevent further breakouts. - Reduces redness while delivering a refreshing cooling sensation. - Natural emollients Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Shea Butter help soothe, moisturise and heal dry skin. 100% vegan. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. skyn ICELAND's packaging is 90% recyclable.