Armani Eau de Cdre Eau de Toilette 50ml

Armani Eau de Cdre Eau de Toilette 50ml

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Giorgio Armani presents Eau de Cdre Eau de Toilette, the latest fragrance for men in the Eau collection. A wardrobe of couture fragrances inspired by a wardrobe of Giorgio Armani couture jackets. Eau de Cdre is inspired by the glamourous & mysterious elegance of a Giorgio Armani velvet tuxedo. Armani Eau de Cdre Eau de Toilette represents the intrigue of the green, forest fresh, aromatic scent of the Italian mountains. Initially the rich, smooth tones of Calabrian Bergamot and the crisp Citrus notes represent the freshness of an Italian morning. Violet Leaves in the top note create a intensively green aroma. Then a warm cocktail of spices in the heart notes; Cumin; pungent and bitter sweet, Sage; herbaceous with ambery tones and Black Cardamom; earthy, spicy and rich blended with Black tea; aromatic, rich and full bodied. Finally the base note of Cedar; this ever green is native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region. Emblematic of Mr Armani's timeless modernity and luxury. Fragrance Family: A Spicy Woody Leather fragrance.