YAMAHA WXA-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier - Silver, Silver

YAMAHA WXA-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier - Silver, Silver

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About this product

Connect the Yamaha WXA-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier up to your speakers to create a multi room system that works for you. The Wireless Amplifier can play sound from almost any speaker, so you can connect together the different speakers throughout your house into one multi-room system. This will allow you to control all of the speakers from anywhere, and play the same music in every room. The compact size and WiFi connectivity means you can set up the WXA-50 anywhere without affecting your dcor.Use the free MusicCast app to control the audio throughout your house. High resolution audio doesn't lose any volume or quality when put through the WXA-50, it just gets the sound to the room you want. Speaking of sound, it can be any music you want. Whether you want to stream your collection from your smartphone, or access internet radio, or use a streaming service, your options are open. Play different music in different rooms, so everyone's happy.