WV 6 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner - Yellow, Yellow

WV 6 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner - Yellow, Yellow

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Streak-free resultsWant to make sure your windows look their best? The Krcher WV 6 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner's new liquid silicone technology makes sure that you can clean from the upper edge to the floor without leaving any streaks behind.It's also ideal for any smooth surfaces around your home, and comes with 2 different suction heads to suit your needs.Long battery lifeWith a long 100 minute battery life, you've got plenty of time to clean all the windows around your home. The minute-by-minute LED indicator warns you when you're finally getting close to the end of the battery life. And when it comes to recharging, the included fast charger helps you to get up and running again in less time.