SPHERO Interactive Spider-Man

SPHERO Interactive Spider-Man

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Top features: - Talk to Spidey and take on villains with various missions and games - Unlock content using the free app - Unique reactions with fully animated eyes Talk to Spidey Experience the Marvel Universe like never before with the Sphero Spider-Man - the voice interactive super hero. Talk to Spidey and ask for jokes, play games or listen to a story, then embark on missions to take on the most notorious villains. The Sphero Spider-Man has WiFi connectivity, so that his capabilities can be updated with new missions and games so you can continue to play and interact over time. Unlock content Using the free app you can track your progress on missions, get Spidey to tell you a story or unlock content easily. You can even get him to wake you up. And if his battery is running low, all you have to do is put Spider-Man on his charging base. Unique reactions Spider-Man has a huge range of reactions to every situation, paired with fully animated eyes that will reflect his mood. And with motion detection capabilities, the Sphero Spider-Man will react to people passing by and can even guard your room.