SONY PlayStation VR MegaPack 2

SONY PlayStation VR MegaPack 2

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Play VR gamesThe Sony PlayStation VR MegaPack 2 contains everything you need to dive into VR. The bundle includes a PS VR Headset and Camera, as well as vouchers for five incredible VR games. Set up the camera and headset, install the games, and you're ready to explore new worlds.The included camera lets you play with facial recognition and broadcasting. Whether you're thinking of jumping into streaming or are already a YouTube sensation, you'll be able to share your gaming sessions with the world.Immerse yourselfThe large screen in the headset lets you see much of the world at once, with 360 vision making it easy to explore your virtual surroundings. 3D audio means you'll hear those approaching footsteps or that distant scream with the same precision as you would in real life, so you know which way to run!The controls work with you to keep you immersed in the virtual world. Whether you're using you dualshock controller, a PlayStation Move motion controller, or a PlayStation VR Aim controller, you can lose yourself in the game without losing control.5 games includedASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is a fun platformer that lets you adventure through space. Skyrim VR is a full-length open world game where you can explore wild landscapes and battle dragons. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is an immersive and intense horror game, while Everybody's Golf VR lets you practice your putting over three impressive courses. Finally you'll have PlayStation VR Worlds, which included 5 different experiences so that you can enjoy the best of VR.