SAITEK Pro Flight X56 Rhino Joystick & Throttle - Black, Black

SAITEK Pro Flight X56 Rhino Joystick & Throttle - Black, Black

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Top features:- Dynamic simulation for more accurate and realistic control- Twin throttle for more complex dual-engine gameplay- Ready to take on Virtual Reality for true immersionDynamic simulationGet a more heightened, immersive flight simulation that can keep up with the most cutting-edge spacecraft games, with the Saitek Pro Flight X56 Rhino Joystick & Throttle.Pitch, roll backwards and forwards, move up, down, left and right for complete freedom and acute control. The X56 Rhino features unique, purpose-built analogue sticks that provide four more axes and also double as buttons, so you can personalise your setup and fine-tune your experience.If you like to really get involved in tweaking your system, you can adjust the accuracy and sensitivity too. With four springs of varying tensions, you can find what feels most comfortable for you.Twin throttleThe twin throttles are perfect if you're playing a game where your craft has dual-engines, and will give you enhanced capability in battle situations when your primary engine is dead and you're only flying with your secondary. If your craft is single engine, you can convert the twin throttles into a single unit, so you've always got the optimum setup.Ready to take on Virtual RealityWith a huge amount of customisation and personalisation at your fingertips, the X56 Rhino is perfect for head-mounted displays and VR gaming. There's also RGB lighting, so you can match the colour to your other peripherals and give yourself the full experience of being in the cockpit.