RANGEMASTER Elise 100 Electric Induction Range Cooker - Slate & Chrome

RANGEMASTER Elise 100 Electric Induction Range Cooker - Slate & Chrome

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The Rangemaster Elise 100 Induction Range Cooker combines the best of traditional range cooking with a modern induction hob on top. Make more with a multifunction oven The Elise 100 range features two large ovens, which have a total combined capacity of 150 litres. The main oven is a 69-litre multifunction oven which offers seven different functions, allowing you to choose the option that best suits the meal you're planning. The defrost setting circulates unheated air, speeding up the time it takes to defrost your food, hygienically and quickly. For cooking, the fan oven draws air from the interior of the oven then heats it up and re-circulates it. By doing this the heat is evenly distributed making it great for multi-level cooking. There are also fan assisted and fanned grilling options, plus the handy browning and base heat options, all of which are perfectly suited to different types of cooking.Cooking features A Handyrack is also included, which fits on the door of the main oven and allows you to easily access and check the status of your food. Check to see if your roast is done or needs extra basting without any risk of accidently burning yourself. The secondary oven is a whopping 81 litres and is configured vertically, providing you with plenty of space - it's possible to cook 4 roast chickens simultaneously. No matter how big the party you're throwing, you'll comfortably have enough room to provide the catering with the Elise 100. When you've finished cooking, the Elise 100 helps with the cleaning - catalytic liners in the main oven absorb splashes and stains and then burn them off when the oven reaches high temperatures. The secondary oven is coated with an easy-clean enamel surface meaning no matter what you're cooking up, cleaning won't be an issue. Be impressed by induction Not only do you get superb control and functionality from the ovens, but this Elise 100 also features an induction hob. The very latest in cooking technology, induction hobs are a brilliant innovation that make cooking simple, quick and safe. Twice as efficient as gas hobs, they're fast, safe and remarkably responsive - you'll have access to almost instantaneous heat whenever you want it. Utilising electromagnetic energy, the pan is directly heated and not the hob. This means there is no residual heat and makes induction hob surfaces considerably safer than conventional cooker tops and greatly reduces the risk of any accidents. Another benefit to induction cooking is that due to lack of heat on the hob, it is very difficult to burn anything onto the cooking surface. When you're finished preparing your meal, simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and you're left with a clean hob - ready to go again whenever you are. The Rangemaster Elise 100 Induction Range Cooker will surpass all expectations.