PIONEER PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable - Black, Black
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PIONEER PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable - Black, Black

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Club readyWhether you're an aspiring DJ or a casual listener, you'll love the Pioneer PLX-500 Turntable. Adopting the exact layout of the club-standard PLX-1000, you'll find it easy to go from mixing for fun to playing for a packed dancefloor.Switch from fast drum and bass to slow, groove-filled disco with the press of a button. Beat match your music with the help of pitch control. Or dig out your classic 78 RPM records when you're winding down. And with a record holder in the dust cover, you can plan ahead and line up your next tune.Plan your setIf you like to plan your set before stepping up to the decks, the PLX-500 takes the pressure off. Rekordbox gives you full control of your music, letting you arrange your tracks by key, speed, or genre. You'll be able to craft a mix that feels like a journey through sound, without needing to panic-browse through your record collection.Convert your records to digitalWe love records, but they're not the most practical way to listen to on the go. The PLX-500 features a USB-B port and Rekordbox software license, so you can record directly to your laptop. And because Rekordbox digitises your music in high-quality WAV format, you don't lose any of that beautiful vinyl warmth.