LOGITECH Crayon Smart Pencil - Silver & Orange, Silver

LOGITECH Crayon Smart Pencil - Silver & Orange, Silver

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About this product

Use all your favourite appsGet a better, more convenient experience in your favourite apps with the Logitech Crayon Smart Pencil.Featuring Apple technology inside, it's compatible with hundreds of apps to make it easier to write draw and scribble on your iPad - with less limitations you can let your creativity flow.Responsive and intuitiveThe super responsive pencil tip registers every detail no matter how lightly you use the Crayon Smart Pencil. If you need a thicker line, just tilt the pencil, and the smart tip will adjust the line weight, so it's easy to get the exact effect you're after.With palm rejection technology, you can let your hand rest wherever it feels natural to - lean on the screen without interfering with your work.No pairing neededWith no complex pairing, the Logitech Crayon Smart Pencil will connect instantly with your iPad device, so you can get started straight away. Featuring a 7 hour battery life from a full charge, you can write, edit and draw for almost a whole work day without the worry of a flat battery.