HOTPOINT NM10 944 WW UK 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - White, White

HOTPOINT NM10 944 WW UK 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - White, White

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Top features: - Rapid option cleans your clothes in a fraction of the time - Stop & Add lets you add laundry to the cycle as you go - Keep your clothes wrinkle-free with Final Care - Steam Refresh freshens up your clothes in just 20 minutes Rapid option Take the hassle out of laundry day with the Hotpoint NM10 944 WW UK 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine. A large capacity of 9 kg means you're able to get more done in a single laundry load, saving time and energy. And if you've only got a few items that need cleaning, or you need that outfit ready for the evening, try the Rapid option. In just half an hour you can clean 4.5 kg of clothes, so you'll never need to wait too long when there's somewhere you need to be. Stop & Add There's always a single item of clothing that gets missed or forgotten en route to the utility room. That's why the NM10 944 WW UK has a Stop & Add function. Add that dropped sock or t-shirt to the laundry during the first few minutes of the cycle without affecting wash performance. No need to hold it back for the next laundry day. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free You can't always be there to unload the washing machine immediately after the cycle finishes. The NM10 944 WW's Final Care option means you don't need to be. This function activates a special tumbling action that continues for up to six hours after the laundry cycle, preventing wrinkles and creases from building in the fabric of your clothes. Steam Refresh Sometimes your clothes only require freshening up, rather than a full wash. Steam Refresh keeps your clothes looking and smelling fresh in just 20 minutes. Instead of blasting your laundry with water, the NM10 944 WW UK uses steam to penetrate the fabric, removing any odour and reducing creases. So, you'll be able to wear that shirt again with confidence.