BENQ EL2870U 4K Ultra HD 27.9" LED Monitor - Black & Grey, Black

BENQ EL2870U 4K Ultra HD 27.9" LED Monitor - Black & Grey, Black

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Top features: - 4K HDR quality for the best picture possible - Low blue light and flicker free technology reduces eye strain - AMD FreeSync for a more fluid gaming experience 4K HDR quality For the best picture quality around, there's only one way to watch. And that's in 4K HDR. The BenQ EL2870U 4K Ultra HD 27.9" LED Monitor delivers, with outstanding image quality and HDR support for the sharpest and brightest picture you can get.Thanks to its HDR skills, the EL2870U can display a wider palette of colours on screen so that everything looks more lifelike, while dark and light tones show more detail instead of getting washed out. It's a must for streaming nature documentaries, movies, and playing games. And with four levels of HDR, you can balance the contrast to your choosing for an amazing picture that suits your viewing preferences.Low blue light technology reduces eye strainLooking at any monitor or screen for ages can cause tiredness. That's why the BenQ EL2870U has Low Blue Light technology to reduce eye strain and screen fatigue, so you can play games for longer or enjoy that movie marathon without being too hard on your eyes.AMD FreeSyncIf you love games, then you're in for a treat. The EL2870U 4K Ultra HD Monitor has AMD FreeSync technology built-in to eliminate screen-tearing, broken frames, and laggy gameplay for a smoother gaming experience. You'll notice the difference while playing fast-paced games where fast reactions are key to victory, and online games where a lot is happening on-screen. And the superfast 1ms response time eliminates any kind of blur.