AEG IKE74451FB Electric Induction Hob - Black, Black

AEG IKE74451FB Electric Induction Hob - Black, Black

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Top features:- Induction technology offers you versatility in cooking - The easy interface makes cooking complicated dishes a breeze - 14 power levels to choose from Induction technologyThe AEG IKE74451FB Electric Induction Hob offers you versatility for whatever your cooking needs are. Use pots and pans of any size, without worrying about under cooking parts of your steak. The induction hob uses magnetic technology to detect the size and shape of the pan to heat their bases completely and evenly.This magnetic technology also heats the pan directly without letting the hob get too hot, so you can wipe any spill or messes as you cook with ease.Easy interfaceTake advantage of the IKE74451FB touch controls for convenient cooking. Have a complicated dish that needs to be cooked at different temperatures? Just use PowerSlide and set up to four different zones at different heats for you to slide your pan around from surface to surface safely and easily.If you need a dish cooked at an exact temperature, all it takes is a tap on the screen for the heat to adjust instantly, so that you can channel your inner chef.14 power levelsThe IKE74451FB comes with 14 different power levels so can cook your favourite dishes, from scrambled eggs to chicken marsala, at the perfect temperature.__________________________________________________ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Team Knowhow experts.