ACER Predator Z271U Quad HD 27" Curved LCD Monitor - Black, Black

ACER Predator Z271U Quad HD 27" Curved LCD Monitor - Black, Black

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Top features: - Step into immerse gameplay with this curved screen - Smooth action with NVIDIA G SYNC & high refresh rate - Protect your eyes during long gaming sessions Step into immerse gameplaySpot enemy targets before your teammates and prepare for the win with the Acer Predator Z271U Quad HD 27" Curved LCD Monitor. Delivering immersive visuals with the 27 curved display, you'll instantly get lost in gameplay.Everything's better with more pixels. The Quad HD resolution means you can step up the graphics and play the latest titles with brilliant detail - catch that sniper before he takes you out.Smooth actionForget laggy visuals. NVIDIA G SYNC matches the refresh rate with your graphics card, eliminating screen tearing and minimising stuttering. And with a super high refresh rate, motion is fluid - there's no frame by frame rendering here.When it's complete chaos out there on the battlefield, visuals will still look great thanks to a fast 1 ms response time. So fast moving action renders smoothly without any annoying smearing or ghosting.Protect your eyesWe get it, gaming sessions can be intense and last well into the night. Acer's combined vision care technology means the screen is free from flicker, while reduced blue light, and low-dimming is more comfortable on the eyes.