GloPRO EYE MicroTip Attachment Head

GloPRO EYE MicroTip Attachment Head

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About this product

Perfect for using across the delicate eye area as well as hard to reach zones, this GloPRO EYE MicroTip Attachment Head features 240 tiny 0.3mm microneedles to stimulate the skin's natural healing response, enhancing cellular turnover resulting in visibly firmer, smoother and a younger-looking complexion. Simply roll your GloPRO across skin (there's no need to apply pressure) in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions for 60 seconds total in the on mode and watch skin become visibly rejuvenated as the GloPRO restores volume from the inside out. The incredible results from a clinical study prove just how game-changing the GloPRO tool really is - in just 30 days using the tool three times a week, 100% of subjects felt it helped to stimulate their natural collagen, 97% saw an improvement in skin firmness and 93% saw improvements in the evenness of their skin tone. The GloPRO EYE MicroTip Attachment Head can be used alone or immediately prior to the application of your favourite serum, moisturiser or skin care products and remember to replace your attachment head every 3 - 4 months for optimum results.