Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 2
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 2

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About this product

A 25shade eyeshadow palette. Are you ready for round two? The Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2 features 25 deluxesized; highperformance shades with a boujee aquathemed colour story. The second palette from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina collection; the limitededition pro palette brings even more Norvinacurated shades and is here to help you craft most artistic makeup looks yet. Vegan Cruelty freePalette Includes: A1 A hot pink shimmer A2 A lime green matte A3 A lime shimmer A4 A periwinkle shimmer A5 A teal shimmer B1 A green matte with large sparkle that doesnt alter the formula B2 A deep periwinkle blue B3 A jade green matte B4 An ultramarine blue matte B5 An azure blue matte C1 A multishade reflective shimmer champagne C2 A sky blue matte with sparkle C3 A cobalt blue matte C4 A Prussian blue matte C5 An oxblood matte D1 A multireflective green silver D2 A bold orange matte D3 A hot pink matte D4 A yellow matte with large sparkle D5 A matte navy blue E1 An emerald green matte with large sparkle E2 A shimmering amethyst E3 A teal green matte E4 A matte red brown E5 A black matte Pressed Pigments