Lip & Skin Balm
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Lip & Skin Balm

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RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm is a skin rejuvenating multitasking balm which heals; protects and hydrates the skin.Infused with superior food grade biologically active ingredients; Lip & Skin Balm supports the skins natural functions to give you a visibly healthier appearance. Essential for chapped lips and dehydrated skin; Lip & Skin Balm contains cold pressed Virgin Coconut and Jojoba Oils which deeply moisturise the skin.NonGM Vitamin E protects the skin from ageing free radical aggressors with potent antioxidant properties whilst Bee Polis Extract; rich in Amino Acids promote cell turnover for a youthful boost of radiance. Free from Water; synthetic ingredients and Parabens; Lip & Skin Balm lasts longer than traditional lip balms and is infused with a divine yet natural scent which entices the senses.A Beauty Bay favourite; Lip & Skin Balm can be used regularly to heal; protect and hydrate the skin whilst softening fine lines and giving the skin a smooth texture.Tip: Lip & Skin Balm won the Allure 2010 award for best lip balm and was described as a natural wonder.Scents Available: Simply Vanilla A very light and pure Vanilla scent.