Lightening Buffing Mask
Institut Esthederm

Lightening Buffing Mask

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About this product

Insitut Esthederm Osmoclean Lightening Buffing Mask is aformula that combines an exfoliant and a treatment mask to eliminate dead cells and even the skin tone. An intelligent cleanser which eliminates the bad bacterias and preserves the good ones. Suitable forall skin types with uneven skinand smokers. Has a high tolerance cleansing basewhich thoroughly cleanses while protecting the hydrolipid surface film. The skin is left pure and clean. Hypopigmentaline Patent which is a skin lightening process controls melanin production so thecomplexion is more even and glowing. Skin discolourations gradually fade; permanently. The exfoliating texture eliminates dead cells and refines the skins texture to reveal softer; brighter skin. Enriched with Kaolin to absorb excess sebum and tighten pores.