KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair

KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair

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About this product

KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair is a reconstructive cleanser specially designed to strengthen and condition weak; damaged and depleted hair.Expertly formulated with Joicos exclusive Keratin Silicone Complex; KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair replenishes Amino Acids and fills in the damaged areas of the hair cuticle. A nourishing blend of Aloe and Vitamin E provide damaged hair with essential nutrients and antioxidant protection whilst rehydrating the hair and maintaining healthy moisture levels.KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair is developed specifically to start the KPak reconstructive process that is vital in repairing your damaged hair. With a rich and effective formulation; this reparative shampoo gently yet thoroughly cleanses the hair and removes dirt; impurities and excess oils.Recently reformulated to include Joicos revolutionary BioAdvanced Peptide Complex; KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair replicates the DNA of healthy hair to repair damaged hair and prevent further hair damage. This technologically advanced complex offers a dramatic improvement in the hairs strength; health and natural shine.Your hair will become stronger and more resilient to external damage; plus; because nutrients and structure that has been missing or damaged is being replenished; the hair will be more responsive to styling. KPak Shampoo For Damaged Hair leaves the hair soft; shiny and manageable with added health and vitality without being weighed down.Tip: For best results follow with KPak Conditioner For Damaged Hair or your desired KPak Reconstructive Treatment.