Dark Bronzing Spray

Dark Bronzing Spray

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About this product

St.Tropez Dark Bronzing Spray masterfully builds a deep; bronzed tan effect for the skin; making it a certifiable beauty essential for any tanaholic!Imparting a deep bronze effect to the skin; this sensational selftan develops in just a few hours and can be built up daily for a more intense colour. This superfine spray is the best way to get a seamless;deep tan without an expensive trip to a salon.Formulated with soothing Aloe Vera Extract and featuring St.Tropez's new aromatic scent; Dark Bronzing Spray is the perfect way to add a natural dark golden hue to pale skin or enhance your natural summer tan. Quick and simple to use; this luscious Dark Bronzing Spray features innovative 360 spray technology to get to those hard to reach places to avoid any patchiness for a flawless tan.Fake the bake with Dark Bronzing Spray from the tanning experts at St.Tropez.Tip: Dark Bronzing Spray can be applied before any social event due to its new; fresh scent; eradicating the telltale aroma of fake tan.