24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift Firm Prism Cream
Peter Thomas Roth

24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift Firm Prism Cream

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About this product

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Prism Highlighting Cream is a highlyluxurious facial moisturiser that tackles major issues like discolouration; dullness and fine lines; making it suitable for all skin types.With the ability to masterfully scatter all light that hits the complexion; 24K Gold Prism Highlighting Cream creates a delicious optical illusion of flawlessness for the skin; making it a certifiable musthave for any skincare and beauty obsessive. Whilst imparting a radiant glow to the face; this magical elixir also alters fine lines; wrinkles; sullenness and elasticity at the deepest layers of the skin; making it ideal for those with timeravaged tones and textures.Infused with Pure 24 Karat Gold; 24K Gold Prism Highlighting Cream works tirelessly to transform the skin; restoring a youthful elasticity whilst simultaneously maintaining the production of development; resulting in a luxurious and noticeable finish. With the ability to impart an ethereal glow to the skin; this magnificent treatment further utilises Colloidal Gold to reduce the signs of tiredness and dullness whilst eliminating telltale signs of ageing.Combining the magnificently hydrating properties of Advanced Moisture Complex and Skin Replacement Lipids; 24K Gold Prism Highlighting Cream is able to retain high levels of moisture within the complexion; resulting in a fresher; rejuvenated and replenished finish for the skin; leading to stunning longterm effects.Also harnessing Intelligent Shade Sensing Sphere Technology; this delectable facial cream fuses three translucent hues to diminish the appearance of blemishes and imperfections on the skin's surface; working tirelessly to deliver impeccably indulgent and visibly rewarding results effortlessly.Never look anything apart from perfect with 24K Gold Prism Highlighting Cream.Tip: For a truly decadent yet completely natural strobing effect; apply slightly more 24K Gold Prism Highlighting Cream to the brow and cheek bones; for an added luminosity that is bound to make a difference.